How can IT leaders benefit from coaching?

Let’s face it, as IT pros, we’re not exactly known for our outgoing personalities. When you hear the term prima donna an image of someone you worked with comes to mind. If no one comes to mind there may be a change your face is the image in someone else’s mind. On the other side of the spectrum is the IT person who part vampire. The closest they will ever come to a suntan is created by the glow of their multiple monitor setup. They work with the lights off and the last thing they want is to have to talk to someone. Somewhere in between these two personalities is the IT pro that wants to grow personally, and professionally. The problem they run into is if they’re in a group of techies, who will spend time with them to help them grow? How many times have you seen a high performing team member get promoted into a position of leadership? How many of them were terrible leaders? It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone because no one was there to help prepare them for what was coming. Once they get into leadership there is usually no one there to help them either. Now you have lost the output of the high performer, their team is underperforming, and as a leader their performance is a disaster. Cue the coach! Coaching can help the leader identify a set of objectives and develop an action plan to grow in their strengths and make sure they are addressing any career limiters. Prima donnas and vampires can benefit from coaching, too, they just have to be ready to make the transformation into becoming someone you would place in front of your boss, or your customers. So why not take the first step, and click the button below, to book a free consultation to see how coaching can help you?

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