What is the ROI of Coaching?

Lots of reports tell us lots of people aren’t happy with their job. There are also lots of reports telling us how much of the workforce is made up by millennials. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that at a Gallup article says 3 times as many millennials changed jobs in the last year and only half see themselves staying with the same company a year from now! The same article estimates “millennial turnover costs the US economy $30.5 billion annually.” So why not do something to keep employees engaged and reduce turnover?! Coaching engages employees by giving them control over their personal and professional development. An HR Technologist article says “94 percent of Millennials consider career development to be the main reason for choosing and staying at a company.” You don’t have to be a math wiz to know 94% is really close to 100 and that $30.5 billion annually is a really big number! Can your company risk potentially losing half of a big group of its workforce, in just the next year? So why not invest in your team and offer individual coaching? It could be the difference between growing great talent, already in your organization, or spending your time sorting through a mountain of resumes. Request a free (that’s a good ROI BTW!) consult today!

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