What are you reading to help develop your leadership?

My friend Jeff Brown has a podcast called the Read to Lead podcast. We both believe reading is an essential path to becoming a better leader. In fact, the tagline for Jeff’s podcast is “Leaders Read and Readers Lead.” I am an avid reader myself – you might even say I have a book addiction, but I’m ok with that! I have several authors I think of as my unofficial mentors. People like John Maxwell, Michael Hyatt, Jocko Willink, Patrick Lencioni, Dave Ramsey and Simon Sinek have mentored me, even though I have only met two of them, in person. The books and blogs have provided an abundance of ideas and strategies which have helped grow my leadership. I don’t just take their word and run with it though, I think about what I have read and how it impacted me. If I just try to mimic the way they handle different scenarios, that doesn’t make me a leader, it makes me a robot! Robots will be our leaders soon enough, so let’s not be too quick to usher in our future overlords! Let’s be realistic though, you can’t think about how what you read will apply in every scenario. What reading does is to help you build a physical and mental reference for when you do find yourself in a challenging leadership scenario. Over time, you will have a solid foundation to rely on while you build your experiential knowledge. So even if you don’t have a strong leader, or mentor, to work with, consistent reading can be a great way to develop your leadership. Even if you do have a good support system, reading will only help to enhance your leadership. So tell me, what are you reading to develop your leadership? What are some of your favorite leadership books, or websites?

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