What can we learn about leadership from Rocket Raccoon?

This will be the first in a series of posts focused on leadership and how it relates to characters in some of my favorite sci-fi movies. As an IT nerd, I can consider movie watching as research now, so don’t judge me! Rocket Raccoon is more recently know for his role in the Guardians of the Galaxy (GotG) and Avengers movies. His character first appeared in comic books, a.k.a. graphic novels, in 1976. He is a genetically modified anthropomorphic (human like) raccoon with attitude, and a gift for making weapons. So what can we learn about leadership from this somewhat crazed trash panda? First, Rocket’s ability to build weapons out of whatever is lying around shows creativity and ingenuity. A leader who possesses these characteristics is likely a great problem solver. They are more inclined to view a problem in ways others wouldn’t consider and then come up with a solution, even when others didn’t think it would be possible. Creative leaders tend to be more fun to work with. They are less likely to stick to the same things that got them there and will foster environments that attract talent. Rocket also demonstrates loyalty. He has a strong bond with Groot, which is evident when he tearfully proclaims Groot will die, if Groot continues transforming into a protective shell, covering the Guardians. He is also the only one who understands what Groot says with his limited vocabulary, comprised of ‘I’, ‘Am’, and ‘Groot’. “Exclusively in that order!” It takes time to develop that level of communication. Despite his gruff exterior, Rocket shows his loyalty by taking steps to keep the group safe, even if it means blowing them up (see GotG Vol2)! Leaders who are loyal to their team will have team members who are loyal to them, and each other. Loyalty doesn’t mean things will be perfect, but it does mean when things get difficult, loyalty can help you weather the circumstances, and maybe be stronger for it.

Does your leadership show creativity, ingenuity, and loyalty? Do you need to expand your leadership by developing in any of these areas? Rocket wasn’t the perfect leader, but he took on the challenges of the role and became better for it. Working with a coach can help you grow, without the pressure of having to save the galaxy, twice! Why not request a free consult and see how you can be like Rocket Raccoon?

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