Why is Accountability in Leadership Important?

I have mentioned before I love baseball. I have been an Atlanta Braves fan since the late 80’s and even had a chance to try out for the team in 1991. In an earlier post I talked about integrity in light of the Houston Astros sign stealing scandal. Today, Major League Baseball (MLB) commissioner RobContinue reading “Why is Accountability in Leadership Important?”

How does a crisis help develop leadership?

I live in the Nashville, TN area, which was struck by a devastating tornado earlier this week. 25 people lost their lives and numerous structures were destroyed, or severely damaged. Nashville has dealt with tornados before and a severe flood, so it’s no stranger to nature’s destructive side. What is amazing is how quickly communitiesContinue reading “How does a crisis help develop leadership?”

What can we learn about leadership from Jean-Luc Picard?

The answer is “A lot!” There is so much we can learn from Captain Picard’s leadership, throughout the Star Trek series, it could take a whole series of posts to cover. I’m not going to do that here. Instead I’m going to focus on a recent example, SPOILER ALERT!!! If you are planning to watchContinue reading “What can we learn about leadership from Jean-Luc Picard?”

What can we learn about leadership from Star-Lord?

This is the next article in a series based on my favorite sci-fi movies. Star-Lord, a.k.a. Peter Quill, is another character from Guardians of the Galaxy (GotG). Previously I wrote on Rocket Raccoon, who actually gets into a competition, with Peter, about who is the true leader of the crew. Like a lot of characters,Continue reading “What can we learn about leadership from Star-Lord?”

What is your company doing about its leadership crisis?

You’re probably thinking your company doesn’t have a leadership crisis, especially if you’re a leader. If your company, or team, isn’t currently developing the next generation of leaders, congratulations you have a leadership crisis! The good news is now is the right time to do something about it. Before I go too far, let’s acknowledgeContinue reading “What is your company doing about its leadership crisis?”

What can we learn about leadership from Spider-man?

In Spider-man: Far From Home, Peter Parker, a.k.a. Spider-man, is struggling with the loss of his mentor, Tony Stark, a.k.a. Iron Man. Tony was one of the main, although somewhat unconventional, leaders of the Avengers. Peter is torn between the desire to just be a teenager and the pressure he feels to take Tony’s place.Continue reading “What can we learn about leadership from Spider-man?”

What is the best way to lead someone who doesn’t accept feedback?

Let’s face it, many people aren’t the type to take constructive feedback, no matter how good your intentions might be. It usually doesn’t happen enough that they are used to the idea, and most people aren’t good at delivering feedback, in a way that doesn’t seem like an attack. So what do you do whenContinue reading “What is the best way to lead someone who doesn’t accept feedback?”