John Maxwell Offerings

In addition to Individual Coaching and DISC profile assessments, I offer Lunch-n-Learn and Mastermind Group options to help develop & grow the leadership within your team. Scroll down for details, or Click the Contact Us button to set your team up for success!


This free training is typically limited to an hour, or less. We’ll do a high level summary of the topics found in one of the books below. This is a great way to introduce your team to potential topics they want to pursue together.

The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth
We’ll cover 2 of the 15 laws of personal growth.

Learning to Become a Person of Influcence
Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less.

Everyone Communicates Few Connect
We’ll cover 1 of the 4 areas of communication.

Leadership Gold
We’ll cover 2 of the 26 leadership princicles.

Put Your Dream to the Test
We’ll cover the reasons people don’t identify their dreams and go into 2 of the 10 questions on how to test your dream.

How to Be a Real Success We’ll cover thoughts and ideas based around attitude that might help you move one step closer to a goal, desire, or dream.

MasterMind Groups

This paid training will cover the entirety of one of the books below. The number of meetings will vary in length and can be customized to cover select topics. Participants are expected to have their own copy of the book, in order to participate.

Leadership Gold
Designed to be 14 meeting, we’ll cover all 26 leadership principles from John’s book.

The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth
Designed to be 15 meetings, we’ll cover John’s 15 laws.

Click the Contact Us button to schedule your Lunch-n-Learn, or MasterMind Group.

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